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I’m a working mum with two grown up boys and one growing up little lady. In a previous life, I worked as a lawyer in London. I moved to Belgium one impulsive day, as I’d always felt I was a French speaker at heart.

After years of hard grit: watching French films; eating my way through French menus; listening into other people’s conversations; and generally making endless mistakes until my kids came along and refused to talk to me in English……I now dream in French 😃

I’ve spent much of the last 25 years helping people to help themselves through the struggles we all face. Counselling is still very much my day job, but as I move into the next quarter century, I need to lighten the mood!

EttieBetty shares top tips for enjoying life and making informed choices. Our motto is CarpeDiem and we bring you news and reviews on travel, gastronomy, leisure and fun stuff that, we hope, will help you make the most of every day.

We’re a creative and interactive team, so we’d love to hear back from you: Tell us about your experiences; Did you test out any of our recommendations? Send in your ideas and we’ll be glad to test drive on your behalf.

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