Lottery winning lemon trees..

"I'm a virtuous hour into fantasy family building and benevolent gestures before the daydream starts to creep beyond the entirely necessary or charitable boundary..."

Fay’s Story

When she awoke to the truth, Fay was thirty-one Browbeaten, confused and a mum Despite a decade of devaluation She kept schtum for fear of humiliation And crawled into a private pit of 'make-do'.

Women of Faith

Share your strength, from the epicentre of the light.



Cook a third meal (for later in the week and never mind the lack of fridge space)

19 Summers

"19 years since I glimpsed you for the first time 19 years since you made me a mum 19 years of grappling with my own mortality 19 summers since I've loved you until I'm numb"  

Frugal Feasting – Part 2 : make that chicken work for you!

"Anyone else play the 'what would be your last meal' game for fun (black humour reigns chez moi)? So whilst my kids take ages choosing between dishes and then negotiating 2 starters and basically way more food than they could possibly stomach, its chicken all the way for me"

Frugal Feasting – Part 1 : starters & sides

Yummy stuff that won't break the bank, isn't difficult to cook up and should see you through the 'short' season with full bellies and satisfied taste buds.

Scent & Compatibility

That moment you inhale their essence for the first time. Drink in the odourless perfume, Emitting scent signals beyond the mask of visual cues. The sink or swim of compatibility, wafting by. Perfume

A Silent Jolt

"Your loyalty was only ever determined by opportunity.."

Reality denied

"You make no 'plans' but everything falls into place around the dates that suit you, whilst keeping all of the significant players in your theatrical life apart. Panic attacks and illness are your response to awkward questions....."


Life is a risky business. Any path can lead you to a dead end or might be paved with gold. I've always envied people without ambition or curiosity (as I feel it). Childhood friends who marry the guy or girl down the road and buy a house close enough to walk to their parents' home.....and they …