19 Summers

"19 years since I glimpsed you for the first time 19 years since you made me a mum 19 years of grappling with my own mortality 19 summers since I've loved you until I'm numb"  


Scent & Compatibility

That moment you inhale their essence for the first time. Drink in the odourless perfume, Emitting scent signals beyond the mask of visual cues. The sink or swim of compatibility, wafting by. Perfume

Lottery winning lemon trees..

"I'm a virtuous hour into fantasy family building and benevolent gestures before the daydream starts to creep beyond the entirely necessary or charitable boundary..."

Congratulations Evelien!

http://youtu.be/ZBkoJLclZkk I am a self proclaimed Sex And The City FAN with a capital everything and proud of it. I once opted out of Christmas just to plug in to my box-set in heavenly peace. What a blissful day that was. I danced around the flat in my pjs every time the intro played. I cried tears of …


The world is askew, said he Tis you that ain't true, said me Let me wallow, he berated In the lies I have created Follow blindly behind me Allow me to deceive you kindly Gently caress your needy soul Destroy you from the inside Charm you into the black hole Le vide One plus one …

18 Summers

I love your courage In the face of your difference Though I see your pain in solitude. I wish it could be easier for you  

Endless Love

I was in the middle of researching my 'five sure signs you're dating a Sociopath' blog when my daughter rang from France. I haven't heard from her for a week. Packed her off with phone (and masses of credit), charger, iPad & charger, spare chargers and forced her to memorise all my telephone numbers and email addresses. That …

Millionaire Malarkey

Whilst lounging about pretending to get stuff ready for my Belgian National Day party tomorrow, I just happened to turn live TV on my tablet. I'd intended to half-watch something relaxing whilst vacuuming. But I wasn't altogether disappointed that the channel was already set to ITV.be - who did that? The shit-bag hoover was winding me up anyway. …

Siblings without rivalry

The bank said yes. I was a quarter hoping they'd say no. My selfish quarter. The bit of me who'd like the weight of all this to be removed by a faceless third party. The other three quarters of me are very grateful that we can now start to make plans as a family. Get behind number one …

Ruby awakening

Twenty years ago, poor and a bit lonely, I moved into a studio flat above Ruby's nails. It was a tiny little abode. Just a room really, with a kitchen the size of a toilet and a bath that you could only sit in and even then, the water would just about cover my knees. You could reach the toaster from the loo and watch tv from anywhere. I loved it!