19 Summers

"19 years since I glimpsed you for the first time 19 years since you made me a mum 19 years of grappling with my own mortality 19 summers since I've loved you until I'm numb"  


Scent & Compatibility

That moment you inhale their essence for the first time. Drink in the odourless perfume, Emitting scent signals beyond the mask of visual cues. The sink or swim of compatibility, wafting by. Perfume


Sudoku, faut cu Thats really all I can write. Police phares calling My mind is falling Failing. Gaslights burning Stomach churning. How to explain The pain. I talk about reflecting But I'm dun with it. Sista's fecked it. Im tired of this confusion. Dun with your pollution. This ain't love. Scrabble you say? F*ing take …


Bloodsucker. Inhaling the energy from my core, Diverting my focus to your war, Against honesty and care. Fuck your rancid morals. Lie alone in your self-serving lair. But you won't, will you.... Unmasked, but not startled, Prince charming will simply resurrect, Cast his ravenous eye to the next page, Waltz his chosen victim into the golden cage, Liposuction …


The world is askew, said he Tis you that ain't true, said me Let me wallow, he berated In the lies I have created Follow blindly behind me Allow me to deceive you kindly Gently caress your needy soul Destroy you from the inside Charm you into the black hole Le vide One plus one …

18 Summers

I love your courage In the face of your difference Though I see your pain in solitude. I wish it could be easier for you  

Me Me ME

Does it matter that I pretended not to see? Though I saw Haven't the strength to save the world every day What about me? But my gracious right eye wandered I saw Have to focus on my own woes Keep my bogey man at bay` Does it matter that he saw me look away?

Fay’s Story

When she awoke to the truth, Fay was thirty-one Browbeaten, confused and a mum Despite a decade of devaluation She kept schtum for fear of humiliation And crawled into a private pit of 'make-do'.