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Cook a third meal (for later in the week and never mind the lack of fridge space)

Reality denied

"You make no 'plans' but everything falls into place around the dates that suit you, whilst keeping all of the significant players in your theatrical life apart. Panic attacks and illness are your response to awkward questions....."


Sudoku, faut cu Thats really all I can write. Police phares calling My mind is falling Failing. Gaslights burning Stomach churning. How to explain The pain. I talk about reflecting But I'm dun with it. Sista's fecked it. Im tired of this confusion. Dun with your pollution. This ain't love. Scrabble you say? F*ing take …

“I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” George Bernard Shaw

What is it that makes you cling on, when every hair on the back of your neck is standing up screaming at you to RUN? Or is it, rather, that you just cannot, ever, walk away without: a) knowing everything that there is to know about why you're 'losing' and; b) some community / public recognition of your 'wronged' status, following you …


The world is askew, said he Tis you that ain't true, said me Let me wallow, he berated In the lies I have created Follow blindly behind me Allow me to deceive you kindly Gently caress your needy soul Destroy you from the inside Charm you into the black hole Le vide One plus one …

Fay’s Story

When she awoke to the truth, Fay was thirty-one Browbeaten, confused and a mum Despite a decade of devaluation She kept schtum for fear of humiliation And crawled into a private pit of 'make-do'.